Five Travel Items That Should Be Your Best Friends

Travel (v.) – make a journey, typically of some length or abroad. Many of life’s best experiences include us going to different places, meeting different people, and immersing different cultures. Going away from home for a few days is a great time to escape reality and explore what the world has to offer. The only hassle thing about traveling is packing your stuff in a suitcase that may or may not fit everything. Packing is one of the pre-traveling activities that people dread. To make packing easier, there are 5 items that you should always have in hand.


Zip Lock Bags

These bags are very popular that even Kurt Cobain used it for being versatile bags with a smart zip feature. You can use ziploc bags for almost anything, most especially in travelling. If you don’t have pouches, organizers or packing cubes, it can be a great alternative. This is also a great bag to put in some liquid containers to ensure security and avoid spilling. Make sure to have different sizes so it won’t have a hard time packing.

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Toiletry Bottles/Containers

There are a lot of travel kits in store that has small bottle containers, smaller spray bottles, etc. To save space and minimize luggage weight, leave behind the big shampoo containers and huge lotion bottles. Just squeeze what you need in that little trip of yours into the little travel containers.

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Zip Ties

For when you want to secure something in its place, zip ties are your best friend. Another use for zip ties is that it can also serve as a temporary luggage lock. It’s a great alternative for when you have nowhere else to buy a lock for bag. It also has other uses such as emergency shoe laces, camera mounts, and many more.

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Shower Caps

It’s a very popular hack to use shower caps for all your footwear. It protects your other clothes from the dirty soles of your shoes. It can also cover your electronics, makeup or even your food. It can keep things in one place, protect gadgets from being wet or dirty, as well as prevent your makeup from getting in contact with your clothes. The next time you travel, make sure to grab those free shower caps in the hotel you stay in!

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Packing Cubes

The ultimate travel buddy: packing cubes. It organizes your things, compresses your clothes and keeps your luggage looking neat! Most Escort girls in Philippines prefer using it. When  It comes in different sizes to make it easier for you to pack different kinds of stuff you want to bring. Packing cubes are actually becoming very popular among frequent travellers, you can buy it almost anywhere whether online or in malls.

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