Lifestyle check: Take out’s bring trash

We tend to shop outside then suddenly we have to buy food and consume it in our house. I guess, everyone has experienced it, because for some reason, take outs’ can also be very easy convenient to consume rather than to dine in. Although, it is inevitable that a food shop won’t be full with customers and it’ll end up with no vacant seat at all, then you’ll surely be forced to bring the food home instead.  

But, here’s the thing, it may be convenient to our part to take those food in our house, but it is actually such a waste to the environment. Why? Take a look on the paper bag that contains your meal wherein you just bought it earlier before heading home. You could see disposable utensils, table napkins, styrofoam, salad dressing container and the cup of soda drink. All in all, is it guaranteed that those packaging of your meals are biodegradable? NO.

Take outs’ could increase the total waste disposal, because any food that you are to purchase has to be in a packaging to avoid any spoilage. Even if you only ordered a burger, you could see at least 5 trashes, right?

For your information,  the most trash that consist the garbage in the U.S. are actually from the packaging you got from take outs’.  

It doesn’t just stop there, the production of the packaging greatly affects our climate change.  The factory that would process the raw materials to have an end-result of a unique packaging, produces carbon dioxide and it would be a big no-no to the environment.

What you are investing to the nature will come back for you and that is what they called karma— it may be good or a bad one. So, is your lifestyle getting you any better?